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    Southern Minnesota Volleyball

Welcome to the Rochester Youth Volleyball Association & Southern Minnesota Volleyball

RYVA organizes and promotes youth volleyball programs for children ages 5-18.  We are based out of the National Volleyball Center in Rochester Minnesota and support children from Rochester and all its surrounding communities in Southern Minnesota. To learn more about the club, visit the About RYVA link.

Recent News

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  • UPDATED!!! - Postponed 1 week.  Picture Schedule 2016

    Thursday - 1/28/2016
    5:00 12-1’s
    5:30 12 Apples
    6:00 12 Grapes
    6:30 14-2's (Updated)
    7:00 14-3’s
    7:30 16-2’s (Updated)

    Monday - 2/1/2016
    5:30 12 Bananas
    6:00 14-1’s
    6:30 16-1’s
    7:00 18-2’s (Updated)
    7:30 18-1’s
    8:00 17-1’s (Updated)

    Players receive 1 team and 1 individual photo at no charge.

    Each player will be given an order form. These forms only need to be returned on picture day if additional photos are ordered…payment must be received on the day photos are taken…cash or check made out to Emotions-N-Motion.